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Mission Rabies operates in Blantyre in Malawi - which has the highest reported number of child deaths from rabies in Africa. Over 99% of human rabies cases are caused by an infected dog bite. Before Mission Rabies arrived, thousands of dogs were killed every year to prevent the disease spreading but this was hugely ineffective. Mission Rabies are showing that mass vaccination of dogs is not only more humane, but much more effective.

Mission Rabies is vaccinating dogs across the whole of Blantyre District and running a massive education campaign to make local communities aware of the dangers of rabies and help them better understand dogs in order to prevent bites. 

Mission Rabies are also partnering with Worldwide Veterinary Service to help build up veterinary infrastructure with the Blantyre SPCA, a local animal welfare organisation, to help build a better future for dogs.


Our aim is to eliminate dog bite transmitted rabies from the world by 2030.

What we’ve achieved so far


vaccinated against rabies

Mission Rabies team in action


people have been reached via the education programme

Other Projects we are working on
Dogs Trust Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dogs Trust has been working in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2012 with humane dog population management. The team works using a combination of responsible dog ownership education, mass neutering campaigns for owned and street dogs, a veterinary training programme in conjunction with the vet faculty in Sarajevo, a fostering programme and running Dog School Bosnia to help local people to train their dogs. Since starting over 62,000 dogs have been neutered and over 200,000 children educated on being responsible around dogs.

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Mission Rabies

Mission Rabies have been undertaking mass vaccination drives in Goa, a global rabies hotspot, since 2013 in order to eliminate canine transmitted rabies by 2020. We support them with their aims of vaccinating 70,000 dogs and educating 120,000 children in rabies awareness every year.

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