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Dogs Trust is aware of the scale of suffering faced by dogs around the world and we have established an international grant programme to help registered not for profit, non-governmental animal welfare organisations run projects that will make lasting improvements to dog welfare within their own communities.

We will support groups based anywhere in the world and our grants programme currently supports major projects in India, Japan, Malawi, Malta, Mexico, Romania, Slovenia, and Thailand. We also give grants to help trusted partners deal with smaller, but equally important projects. These vary from projects to help organisations deal with emergencies, such as rescuing animals during a flood in Hungary or tackle a major distemper outbreak on the edge of a conservation reserve in Botswana, to providing support for pieces of equipment or campaigns and education projects in microchipping and registration in Lithuania.

Our grants programme provides amounts of anywhere between £1 and £100,000 to animal welfare organisations for projects to enhance dog welfare.


We will support any project that we believe has the potential to make a real difference for dogs, is sustainable  and is an innovative approach that other dog welfare organisations can learn from, but examples of projects we favour are:

1. Youth and adult education.

2. Stray dog population control (e.g. trap, neuter, release). Applications in this area will need to demonstrate that work has been conducted to estimate the local stray population and that the local authorities are sympathetic, support the project and have a no kill policy.

3. Veterinary care (e.g. vaccination campaigns, subsidised veterinary treatment for those on low incomes).

4. Staff/veterinary training.

All projects must be sustainable and make a measurable difference.


How and when to apply

Please read our funding criteria and the guidance for applicants in full before drafting your application.

Funding Criteria >

Guidance for applicants >

Applications are received all year round. Grants will be considered on a quarterly basis and we will aim to answer your application within three months.

Please note we are currently updating our grant application process and will publish this information soon. 


Applications can be mailed to Dogs Trust Worldwide, Dogs Trust, 17 Wakley Street, London EC1V 7RQ.

Or emailed to