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Dogs Trust Worldwide is aware of the scale of suffering faced by dogs around the world and we have an international grants programme to help registered, not for profit organisations run projects that will make lasting improvements to dog welfare within their own communities.

We will support well governed groups all over the world (except for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland where Dogs Trust runs its own programmes), and well-planned projects that have the potential to make a strong impact.  We are happy to have applications for innovative projects that other organisations can learn from, and that contribute towards encouraging responsible dog ownership or humane management of dog populations.  All projects must be sustainable and make a measurable difference.

Projects that we currently fund include:  catch, neuter, vaccinate release for street dogs; educating children to be safe around dogs; carrying out rabies vaccination campaigns and providing subsidised vet treatment to low income groups, in countries ranging from Guatemala, India, Latvia, Malawi, Malta, Mexico, Romania, and Thailand.

Our maximum grant that can be awarded for organisations who we have not previously funded through our grants programme is £30,000.

How and when to apply

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions before completing the appropriate application forms and emailing them to

We have 3 rounds of funding a year; please note that the deadline for the next round of applications to be received is Monday 13th May 2019.

Applicants from organisations in the United States should apply to our sister organisation, Dogs Trust USA, for grant funding:  

Part 1: 

Grant Application Form

Part 2: 

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For CNVR projects, please also complete this Veterinary Questionnaire >

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Veterinary Care (owned dogs) >

For Veterinary Care (owned dogs) projects, please also complete this Veterinary Questionnaire >